Net Orbit

Net Orbit

Manage employee/student networks, view activity logs, perform LIVE monitoring, block sites/apps & administer remote commands

Administrator like IT managers can perform employee network monitoring, LIVE monitoring, view logged activity and control user’s computer right from your desktop. Under the LIVE monitoring features, it lets you view live screen of every employee or student, zoom into any particular one, live events, live keystrokes, temporary web history, open ports and recent documents. Under logged monitoring, you can record screenshots of employee PC’s screen, applications ran, user keystrokes, websites accessed, chat/IM conversations, file activity on monitored PCs & emails sent/received. It gives control over the monitored PCs like admin can broadcast their screen, launch any website/application, freeze/unfreeze mouse and view system hardware info.

e) The other functions of Net Orbit is that the administrator can take full remote control too apart from performing remote actions on monitored computers, manage remote files like view, delete or download them, send private message to any user and you can auto scan all the connected PCs in your Net Orbit network. The software can be instantly downloaded after purchase, comes you a free trial, support documents like FAQs, step by step instructions and help guide, life time product usage, free minor updates, USA based customer care support over telephone and 24/7 live chat assistance.

The Net Orbit software is the best LAN monitoring software, network user monitoring software, business Internet monitoring tool, school and employee network monitoring program as it gives its administrator a plethora of live monitoring features, logged activity reports, filtering and blocking choices. One can block objectionable content, view exactly who is doing what with time stamps and take remote control if need arises. The program works and has thousands of satisfied customers.

Software is useful for everyone using a network of computers like computer labs, classroom PCs, entire school network, school district and home network. It is very useful monitoring program for employee networks like call centers, corporate intranet

Net Orbit


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